Webcomics/Webtoons with Black Protagonists

A cursory online search, by and large, reveals the harsh reality of the webcomic scene. It is desolate with very few if any comics centering around a main character who is black. Somewhat surprising considering that this a niche dying to be filled. Having said that, there are few webcomics/webtoons that do feature the elusive black hero/heroine. Here are a few:

  1. Oh, My Intern!
    A rigid, logical, cutthroat C.E.O who happens to be an Ancient demon reincarnated on Earth meets a spacey, spontaneous and endearing intern. Will she change how he views Humanity and his time on Earth? Will he change how she views herself and her future?
    Link: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/oh-my-intern/list?title_no=237245&page=1
    Status: On Hiatus
  2. Ola
    Despite appearing like a normal popular teen and smart medical hopeful, Ola is concealing a secret double life from her friends. Will she be able to juggle both realities when a new transfer student, Sai, moves into her school as well as her heart?
    Link: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/ola/list?title_no=255672&page=1
    Status: On Hiatus
  3. LMLY
    Leon is paired up with Sofia, the girl he likes, for a school project. As if this was not enough of an opportunity to bring them together, she proposes a deal to him that will push them closer than they ever expected.
    Link: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/lmly/list?title_no=267912&page=1
    Status: Active
  4. The Substitutes
    What happens when three roommates accidentally acquire powerful magic weapons destined for someone else? What happens when the aforementioned “someone else’s” fall from grace and public favor in the aftermath? What happens when you’ve suddenly found yourself as the hero to someone else’s story…?
    Link: http://www.thesubstitutescomic.com
    Status: Active
  5. Star Trip
    Jas is fed up with living on Earth and makes a deal with a stranded shapeshifting alien to get off the planet and into the galaxy on an adventure. But she learns that space travel and adventuring is not like what’s in her favorite sci-fi stories.
    Link: http://startripcomic.com
    Status: Active
  6. Agents of the Realm
    Shortly after beginning their first year of college at Silvermount University, Five young women discover that they’ve each been chosen to help protect not just our world, but a newly discovered sister dimension as well. As they venture forward through their college years their lives start to take on forms of their own, providing them with new opportunities to learn just how much power they have over them.
    Link: https://agentsoftherealm.com
    Status: Active
  7. Nafsi
    A terrified soul on a daily journey to conquer his fears with the help of two of his best friends!
    Link: https://nafsicomic.com
    Status: Active
  8. K Chronicles
    This autobiographical blog in comic format follows the daily trials and tribulations of artist Keith Knight and his satirical take on the world at large.
    Link: http://www.kchronicles.com/
    Status: Active

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